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A fulfilling retirement requires a strategy, and Regal Financial Group will provide you with that strategy.

Regal Financial Group specializes in helping retirees protect their assets and maintain an income stream throughout retirement with the help of annuity solutions; thus guaranteeing that you won’t outlive your money. Retirees and pre-retirees turn to Randy and Regal Financial Group for a customized approach, as well as for the individual guidance. Regal Financial Group will provide you with a carefully constructed income and retirement strategy.

Not only will they design the strategy, they will assist you with carrying it out and provide excellent customer service along the way.

The team at Regal Financial Group will review your current portfolio and identify any areas of concern. Their first priority is protection, which is why they abide by a retirement philosophy focused on preservation of capital and creating a custom tailored portfolio for each client based upon their personal needs and risk tolerance.

Randolph A. Fisher JR.

Founder/Income & Wealth Advisor

Founder of Regal Financial Group, Randolph Fisher is a graduate of Rutgers University’s School of Business, where he earned a dual bachelor’s degree in accounting & finance. He is a recognized financial commentator, co-author, and a licensed insurance agent.

Known to his colleagues and his clients as a seasoned and experienced independent financial advisor, Randy is a sought after platform speaker at conferences and training events. He also regularly conducts financial workshops. Randy currently hosts Retiring Right Radio on 1450 AM WCTC Saturdays at 8:30AM and Sundays at 7:30 AM. He is also on 790AM WAEB Saturdays at 11:30 AM.

Randolph resides in Flemington, New Jersey with his wife, Peggy, daughter, Allison, two sons, Randy III and Quinn, and their four dogs. His passions include coaching, fishing, traveling, volunteering with local charities, and spending time with his family in the garden.

Vicki Hagerty

Director of Marketing & Client Concierge

Joining Regal Financial Group in 2015, Vicki is directly involved with all advertising and promotions, including coordinating all speaking events and client socials. She also handles Regal Financial Group’s renowned charitable donations. Vicki continuously produces and develops marketing campaigns through social media, website maintenance, and direct marketing communications.

In addition to her public relations efforts, Vicki assists clients – ensuring they receive impeccable service at all times. Providing a royal and welcoming atmosphere to those who visit Regal Financial Group is Vicki’s prime objective – making sure that the visit is both memorable and constructive.